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monitoring and environmental comfort analysis

Monitoring of environmental comfort: the new frontier of psychophysical well-being

We carry out indoor and outdoor multiphysics and multidomain assessments of environmental comfort, identifying the environmental conditions that favor the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

Human comfort analysis
man at work wiht laptop in a comfortable and sustainable environment

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring services of thermal, acoustic, lighting, and air quality comfort, both indoor (home, office) and outdoor environments (urban spaces), give the possibility to influence psychophysical well-being based on a human-centred approach, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity.

We use a fixed and mobile smart environmental monitoring system that uses a proprietary algorithm for data collection and analysis. We create a more resilient environment thanks to the skills in the technical-economic assessment of microclimate mitigation strategies, including green design and the development of new materials for both buildings and urban spaces.

" We develop innovative and effective strategies based on transparency and consistency that position sustainability as an added value to the product "


The pre-and post-occupancy indoor environmental quality test (IEQ) aims to increase the satisfaction and productivity of the building occupants. We assess the sensory perception of individuals in internal and external environments by combining physical and physiological monitoring. We use a multidisciplinary approach to improve energy efficiency in buildings by combining technologies, financial support, regulatory actions, and social awareness. We define the strategic path to encourage the involvement of the company through tailor-made survey campaigns to implement innovation and technology transfer.

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