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environmental impact assessment: co2 emissions analysis

Life Cycle Assessment - LCA: the study that quantifies the Carbon Footprint

Through the Life Cycle Analysis - LCA we can measure the environmental impact of the brand, product and service, organisation, process, and distribution channel.

Gestione emissioni di anidride carbonica
Bulk of rolled paper documents of carbon footprint analysis and life cycle assessment

Life Cycle Assessment - LCA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) makes it possible to measure the entire life cycle of goods, services, and processes coherently and transparently in relation to their environmental impact. LCA is the engine for the definition of carbon footprint and the mitigation actions, to make a sustainable business, more efficient, and human-centric. It is an objective and technical methodology, guided by the ISO 14040 standard, which starts from the analysis of raw materials, their processing, and distribution up to product use and disposal. LCA makes it possible to calculate the environmental footprint, measured through various categories of impact, including the value of carbon emissions, a major cause of global warming and climate change. LCA is the basic methodology for sustainability

Carbon Footprint: Evaluation and strategic optimisation of greenhouse gases - GHG

Carbon Footprint is the indicator that summarises, in a scientific and internationally recognised way, the set of emissions of an organisation through the life cycle analysis (LCA). Through ISO 14064 standard it is possible to develop a comprehensible and reliable inventory to identify all the specific GHG emissions of a company to report the CO2 emissions, associated with their operations, and to determine sustainable environmental opportunities. It is possible to quantify the carbon footprint of a product, a service, a company, an event, and, more generally, any activity that involves the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Environmental product Declaration (EPD)

EPD is an independently verified and registered declaration, which communicates transparent and comparable information about the Life Cycle environmental impact of products and services. It follows the indications of ISO 14025 Standards and it is based on the study of the Product Life Cycle Assessment.

" We develop innovative and effective strategies based on transparency and consistency that position sustainability as an added value to the product "

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