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sustainability strategy consultancy

We develop targeted green marketing and corporate social responsibility strategies, which allow to meet environmental, social and economic expectations in order to achieve a competitive advantage that maximises profits in the long term.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG): lasting competitive advantage

Consulenza strategica ed esecutiva
mobile phone detail of the results of a environmental sustainability consultancy


We design paths towards environmental, social and economic sustainability, through the identification of a strategic and operational plan, made by tailor-made sustainable solutions, proposing key objectives, that are unique to the specific needs of the company. We support customers in achieving and monitoring KPIs during the transition to a low-carbon economy and in making a positive impact on the community.


Identification of science-based targets (SBT)

We define scientific decarbonisation targets to identify mitigation objectives in line with the Paris climate agreement (COP21) , based on the assessment of actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally.

sustainability strategic plan

audit and benchmark

We advise and help to audit existing standards and indicators and assess organisations' impact performance against their specific category average.

" We develop innovative and effective strategies based on transparency and consistency that position sustainability as an added value to the product "

marketing and communication strategy

We develop efficient and innovative green marketing and communication strategies based on transparency and consistency, which position sustainability as an added value to the product category, operating within the logic of green marketing. We develop solutions aimed at communicating organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a concrete and verifiable way, meeting customer expectations and strengthening their dialogue, maximising conversion and brand loyalty.

creation of reporting tools

The sustainability report (Environmental Profit & Loss) makes it possible to measure the organisation's activities, from a sustainability perspective (economic, social, and environmental sphere) and helps to share the organisation's sustainability strategy with stakeholders in a very clear, transparent and concrete way.

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